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Vadim Jenkins 16 Dec 2020


Time and time again chesapeake apothecary disappoints me… Not only is the rewards system laughable so are the deals and the service. Every week I have now found myself picking Dispensary Works over Chesapeake

Phone Booth 16 Dec 2020


They have great customer service, never keep you waiting. They also have some gorgeous women working there. 😁 They keep the best flowers and RSO. So I suggest you make Chesapeake your first decision

D McG 16 Dec 2020


Great selection and being able to shop in person pre covid was 5 star. Now however if you have the displeasure of ordering something they are out of, they don’t pull your order until you arrive btw, you won’t find out until you get too much change back or check your bag. 3 times ive had my order altered without me being involved. Other dispensaries call when a product is out. Chesapeake CLEARLY doesn’t care. I spoke with a manager the second time it happened but does my phone ring or does the employee delivering to my car tell me? You guessed it, NOPE. Just another order switched around. Thanks for TERRIBLE MEDICAL SERVICE. Can I change your insulin to a different drug and still help your diabetes? Don’t mess with peoples meds.

Chris Slough 16 Dec 2020


I’ve had my card for a little over a year and I’ve never gone anywhere else. My first time there I was expecting a staff of “stoners”, but I was VERY wrong. These people are educated on the matter and it shows. All I ever have to do is tell them how I’m feeling and what I would like to adjust concerning my malady and through them, its done…having been walked through spot on choices tailored just for me with the results I was looking for. Its beautiful. I have never gone anywhere else and see no need to. Well done, Chesapeake…well done in deed. Thank you for the difference you make in my life.

michelle savage 16 Dec 2020


I was apprehensive about this sort of establishment but I have to say that they changed my mind. They were very professional and informative. Friendly and patient. They were well stocked. I will definitely be returning.

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