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Chad Desorcie 16 Dec 2020


I want to first start off by saying the Burlington location is Closed down for now (why I don’t know sorry)
The Dispensary that is open is in South Burlington.
The service is great. You place your order on your phone then you will get a text letting you know how much it is and when to show up buy. You have to pay the exact amount. You pull in they come to your car they ask for your med card they look at it then they say give me a second to go get it they come back out you drop your money in there bag and they hand you the nice little bag of goodies.

I only ask that you like my comment if it helped you Thanks again

Johnny Azer 16 Dec 2020


I have always been happy with the deals I got from CVD. Even if Steele Street is closed, because of bad legs, I am glad they deliver once a week. Their pot has helped with alot of bad times, so when I get more tommorrow it will help with my kitty who I had for eleven years who died. I hope.

Phil Merrick 16 Dec 2020


Thanks to the dispensary I now have aphids in my grow room. Real Cannabis aphids brought in on a clone. Do not use their clones!! They know they have them and still sell clones. That’s really foul.

Ronni 16 Dec 2020


A little expensive but great staff nice office space

Jordan C 16 Dec 2020


Purchased a few clones from CVD and within 2 weeks I noticed both of the clones were covered in powdery mildew. They contaminated my other plants which I had to get rid of. I contacted their customer service and they did nothing. I’ve been told after the fact that I should never buy clones from them. They have a powdery mildew issue but have never addressed it. DON’T BUY CLONES FROM THEM.

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