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Beth Shaknaitis 16 Dec 2020


Friendly staff, knowledgeable technician, and a welcoming environment. I transferred from another dispensary when I moved and I was happy to learn that Caring Nature is just a great as the other dispensary.

Ken H 16 Dec 2020


While I will say most the staff are friendly and nice , their are some new people their, and some staff who’ve been their that are very disrespectful. They have flaunted their authority on numerous occasions , having attitudes , being very disrespectful and unprofessional. Make sure you park in a space , or they come out like the mafia speaking very disrespectful barking orders and threatening to ban you unless you listen to them. When you complain, the manager will stick up for the staff who just assaulted your vehicle(because you wouldn’t respond to them) and tell you your wrong for not following the orders given. First of all their dispensary workers, not the police, the parking police , or anyone of authority which seems to be confusing to them and titles begin to go to their head. Long story short, be prepared to deal with drama on occasion. If you have ptsd, problems with authority, or anything mentally ill with you , they will not be considerate and will stick up for disrespect soly, their words, because their employed by them. To end this I will say not everyone their is like this and the owner is the nicest guy

Nea Restivo 16 Dec 2020


Super nice and friendly welcoming staff. Your money goes further here because they appreciate their customers. I recommend this dispensary above all others in CT. Great job guys. 👌😊

Janet Boucher 16 Dec 2020


The entire staff is awesome!! Always helpful. They are the best dispensary.

David Delgado 16 Dec 2020


The are very caring ! Welcoming
All around great people 👍👍👍👍👍

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