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Nicholas Latona 16 Dec 2020


Amazingly friendly staff, good location, and building is beautiful and neat, however, leaving the building without ever seeing or smelling what I was buying was immediately a red flag for me, followed by getting home, and one of the strains I purchased being of obvious lower quality than the other. Prices are sky high, but that is of no fault to bloom, but don’t screw over patients and push them bad product.
Edit to add just to say: The strain that was recommended to me for pain relief was amazing from the first puff, to the last. The other was okay, but barely had a smell at all. Will not be returning, but I also have the joy of living near El Dorado.

Bryan Adams 16 Dec 2020


I have just gotten my card and fixing to use it for 1st time. But let me give review of my experience with them . I don’t know how to do technology stuff. And they helped me with that aspect 1st.Then let me give a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to ANTHONY. This young man helped out this here old man and made me feel very comfortable. He explained some things to me to help with my chronic pain and PTSD. He was genuinely thought of older people who have hard time making decisions and DIDNT make me feel uncomfortable at all. Just the opposite. He made me feel really comfortable. If ANYONE wants really good advice and help understanding things there . Then most surely ask for ANTHONY. He is very knowledgeable. I can’t say enough good about him. And the rest of the staff were VERY professional and nice. And this place is so clean you could eat off the floors. They have my business for life. AGAIN THANK YOU ANTHONY.

Kelly Harvin 16 Dec 2020


Will not ever purchase flower from here. I went to purchase some discounted flowers and spent about $60. As soon as I got home, noticed it was kinda light. I then put the 2 3.5 containers on my scales and shown 2.5 grmas light. If I can’t see it or smell it, it won’t buy it. Good luck trying to keep up against your competition.

Linda Harlow 16 Dec 2020


I usually get great service here, but after this visit I will not be coming back. I was served by an older lady named Rhonda, and it seems like she went out of her way to get me out of there as fast as possible. VERY uncomfortable. I asked questions and got short angry answers. It peaked when I heard her mutter an obscenity about me under her breath that I won’t repeat. Disappointed because I genuinely loved this location’s service before today. If you decide to visit Bloom Texarkana, pick a better agent.

Keenan Dixon 16 Dec 2020


An amazing staff. I’ve had a wonderful experience each time I’ve went in. They’re very attentive and they genuinely expressed concern for my well being. It’s very clean and they’re very professional. It definitely makes for a comfortable experience. They truly made me feel like family. I couldn’t be more thankful for a place like this.

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