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Shyla Poeppelman 16 Dec 2020


These women do not know what they are doing up there. My caregiver was denied service today because he is also a patient. I have MS and my caregiver picks up my medicine for me, he is also a patient so his card states “patient/caregiver”. This apparently confused them therefore he was denied service.They did not know how to do the paperwork nor work the computer. This place should not even be operating under any type medical marijuana facility. We have had our cards for 3 years now and never patronized an Ohio dispensary for the very reason of not being educated about the card holders rights. You are better off going to Ann Arbor for their knowledge and prices. Have a seat Bloom and get a clue. You are an embarrassment to Ohio Medical Marijuana Industry.

Matt Dille 16 Dec 2020


I recently was here and purchased a product and when I opened it up and it was broken. I called back and asked if I could return this item they told me no you have to get a hold of the cultivator. Not only am I out the 65 dollars it cost I am also unable to use the product why is it my responsibility to contact someone else and you guys deal with these people on a regular basis. I paid you not the cultivator and was paying you for a product that I was expecting a useable product. I spend a decent amount of money at the place. Is this how you treat your customers that is very unappreciative of the establishment. I will take my business else Thanks.

Shallen Martin 16 Dec 2020


Love this place. They have a good selection. I have only been in 2 dispensary’s in Ohio and by far this one is the best. Now that I’m closer to rise dispensary I go there but there not as good,there selection isn’t as good. Hopefully dispensary’s will be more like Colorado.

Patty Hendrix 16 Dec 2020


Jessica was Extremely Helpful & Knowledgeable. She helped us understand what might work better for us.

A M 16 Dec 2020


I shopped here between December 2019 and April 2020.

I stopped shopping here because the prices are WAAYYY too high!!

Bloom used to have weekly sales, but they stopped having weekly sales as soon as the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Impeccable timing …

As soon as Bloom jacked their prices up, I found another dispensary in town with most of the same products, but 20% off purchases of $200 or more.

So, I go to the less expensive dispensary.

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