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Alexander Weeks 16 Dec 2020


Nice place to buy some great herb and herb products

Nicolas Papahristos 16 Dec 2020


Good selection, prices could be better. They don’t have a lot of flower selection but have plenty of extract. It seems like every time I come here I wait longer and longer. Then when you finally get into the waiting room, even if it’s cold outside, it gets so hot inside because there’s no shades on the windows and u sit there baking waiting for 30 minutes! My only complaint is the long wait!

Phillip Ferroni 16 Dec 2020


It’s a ok place. The people are pretty nice. They are very unorganized. The orders are never ready. They don’t have a organized line. People try to cut in front of you. They should have the on-line orders ready so when you get there, you can grab it and go. If you have to wait just as long as you would if you placed an order in the store that doesn’t make much sense.

Jaz Gorham 16 Dec 2020


Between curbside pickup and in store pickup, everything is speedy and efficient. If there’s ever a time you need more information about a product they’re more than happy to help with whatever you need! A convenient location with more convenient hours. This is now my go to dispensary. Thank you!

Staci 16 Dec 2020


98% GREAT people working there…2% should find another job if they don’t like working with the public 🤷🏻‍♀️

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