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Miro3s3 A 16 Dec 2020


Local dispensary with great customer service and quality. Associates are very helpful and friendly. Prices a little higher but the great service experience and quality makes up for it.
Curbside pick up is very convenient and short wait line ( 5 minutes or less) waiting time. They wear masks and gloves for safety during this time 🙂

Kendall Effort 16 Dec 2020


Thet normally have everything my mom needs, but things are not in.
Prices are good.

Samantha Dagee 16 Dec 2020


Like every other place just part of the CBD scam, none of it is actually proven to be effective, ibuprofen cost $6 for a bottle of 50 pills which work in hours. The CBD tincture I paid $75 for because the CBD was supposed to help with inflammation on my knee due to a replacement and I preferred not to take the pain meds because they make me sleepy during the day while I need to work. It not only tasted like vegetable oil but was about as effective.

Prabhat Malaviya 16 Dec 2020


Cozy atmosphere, helpful and friendly staff. Competitive prices. No flowers yet but they say it will be coming.

Nick C. 16 Dec 2020


5 star customer service and extremely helpful. Very professional crew and honest and very knowledgeable and informative team. I will absolutely go back and this will be my #1 go to place

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