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Touya Dono 16 Dec 2020


Five star review with a cautionary tale. If you usually don’t have edibles I strongly suggest buying the flower and making your own because you can measure how much you usually smoke however I bought their lemon lavender bars and got extremely sick I’m still sick when I’m writing this I read the warning I did the research I talked to the pharmacist and I only ate half the cookie but the hit was so hard that almost twelve hours later I’m barely recovered. Consider it carefully before you buy if you have high tolerance it’s better for you if you don’t don’t eat the edibles.

Daniel Hunter 16 Dec 2020


They treat me well. despite flase gossip from other dispensary’s.

I will be coming here for a very long time.

michele zampedri 16 Dec 2020


Transferred here and so happy I did! They are extremely helpful from start to finish. So friendly and respectful. Prices are good, product is great and they offer a wider selection then I have seen at last dispensary.

Jen Sarrel 16 Dec 2020


Extremely convenient and lovely facility and excellent customer service as well. Nice selection, I’m glad I switched to Affinity!!

R Demers 16 Dec 2020


(updated) I have had my medical card for over a year now after having seizures caused by TCAs. Not long after that I was put on another medication and developed very bad nausea/vomiting and THC was the best medicine to help me get off of that. Now Im dealing with ptsd and affinity has been very helpful for me in times when I needed the most help, and I really appreciate that. My symptoms have gotten alot better, and they are very nice, are always there for me. They made the whole pre order process very streamlined and efficient during the coronavirus ordeal. Also I could consult with the pharmacist over the phone within a couple minutes of calling affinity health and wellness. The right combination of CBD and THC can make a huge difference, and I appreciate everything the staff have done for me, here at affinity . Looking forward to seeing what the future holds for cannabis research, it looks promising.

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